LEAD with the ARTS 🏆🎭 - Grades 7-12

Step into the spotlight with our  Leadership Program LEAD with the ARTS🏆🎭, the next thrilling phase of your dance journey. This empowers students to become creators and leaders within our vibrant dance community, refining skills while unlocking creative potential. This transformative experience hones artistic expression and leadership, ensuring your star shines not only as a dancer but also as a creator. Embrace this opportunity to shape your dance destiny and leave an indelible mark on the world of movement and artistry.

Embark on the next steps in your arts education and apply to LEAD with the ARTS! 🌟🩰



What is included?

  • Weekly classes include your choice of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro and musical theatre
  • Dance training based on specialized dance curriculum with examination option through an internationally recognized association
  • Opportunities to assist younger classes and learn how to teach 
  • Opportunities for you Create and Perform Your own Routines
  • Learn about costume selection, music editing, lighting design, staging, choreography and much more... 
  • Teaching opportunities for older students

Benefits of Joining?

Learn through Leading:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Character Development
  • Resilience
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community
  • Become a Certified Dance Teacher with an Internationally Recognized Dance Association before you Graduate from High School (great to have on university applications)

It's Your Turn to LEAD - take your dancing to the next level and learn how to take your love of dance and share it with the younger generation.

Class Helpers - Grades 7-8

As your child advances to grades 7-8 and beyond, our dedication to fostering a growth mindset and character development deepens, now with added leadership opportunities. Alongside building resilience and creativity, our curriculum empowers students to inspire their peers, embracing roles that showcase their leadership potential. As they progress, refining skills and gaining confidence, they earn recognition and evolve into confident, empathetic leaders. Join us in propelling your child's journey, and witness their inner brilliance illuminate both their path and the paths of others.

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Click Here for More Details - Grades 7-8

High School Leadership Program - Grades 9-12

🌟 Step into the captivating realm of dance leadership for Grades 9-12! 🌟 Elevate your dance journey by embracing the electrifying role of class leaders through the Lead with the ARTS program. 🩰💫 Start by volunteering in the classroom as a class assistant and move up throughout high school years to become a certified dance teacher by the time you graduate! Get set to take center stage, not only refining your dance skills but also becoming the guiding light for younger dancers as passionate dance mentors. Together, let's ignite a vibrant and ultra-supportive dance community! 🌠👯‍♂️

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But there's an encore! 🎭🎉 Our program includes amazing opportunities to unleash your creativity as you create your own routines, infusing every move with your signature style. Get opportunities to see the backstage captivating world of production, mastering the art of lighting, staging, and event planning. From imagining breathtaking performances to conducting flawless shows, you'll dive into the thrilling realm of dance creation. Get ready to kickstart a transformative journey that will sculpt you into an extraordinary dancer and a visionary leader who understands the magic of captivating performances inside out! ✨🎓🕺

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Click Here for More Details - Grades 9-12

What is Next?

Before you graduate you can take your teachers certification through one of the Internationally Recognized Dance associations, right through our studio.  

Teacher Training and Certification

🌟 Elevate your dance journey like never before! Obtain your teaching certificate from a globally acclaimed dance association, right within our studios and under the guidance of our exceptional instructors. 🩰✨

📜 Our comprehensive program ensures you're equipped with the expertise to become a certified dance teacher, opening doors to a world of opportunities. But it doesn't stop there! 💃👏

🌞 Picture yourself sharing your passion for dance with the younger generation as you secure an exciting summer job during your university or college breaks. 🌈👯‍♀️

It's more than just a certificate; it's a key to a fulfilling journey where you'll inspire, empower, and shape the dancers of tomorrow. 🌟👶

🔥 Take the lead in nurturing the future of dance and embark on a truly rewarding path that lets you dance, teach, and inspire! 🎓🕺

To Learn more about the Teacher Certification Program please email us at info@markhamschoolofdance.ca

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