Dance Company

Welcome to the Dance Company, where the magic of performance and competition comes alive for students in grades 2 to 12!

🕺 Four Levels of Dance: 🕺

  • Minis (Starting at Grade 2): Our youngest dancers take their first steps onto the competition stage, exploring the beauty of ballet, the energy of jazz, and the rhythm of tap.
  • Juniors (Starting at Grade 5): Building on their foundation, juniors dive into ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, adding a touch of emotion and storytelling.  
  • Inters (Starting at Grade 7): Intermediate dancers refine their skills in ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, honing their technique and artistic expression. 
  • Seniors (Starting at Grade 9): Our most advanced level introduces contemporary dance and student choreography alongside ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, pushing boundaries and exploring new dimensions of movement.

🌈 Discover the Dance Magic: 🌈 Step into a world where movement tells stories and expression knows no bounds. At MainStreet Dance Company we're all about channeling your inner star through dance! 🌟 Our dance programs blend awesome styles, techniques, and rhythms, ensuring every dancer finds their groove.

🏆 Part-Time Competition: 🏆 We understand the importance of balance in your child's life. Our part-time competition track, requiring a maximum of 6 hours per week, offers the best of both worlds. Students can pursue their passion for dance while having the flexibility to enjoy other activities they love. 

👯‍♀️ Team Spirit and Beyond: 👯‍♂️ More than just dance steps, we're a family that supports, uplifts, and celebrates each other. Our dancers learn teamwork, discipline, and confidence that stay with them long after the music stops. 🤝🌼

🎉 Lights, Camera, Dance! 🎉 Imagine your child owning the stage, captivating audiences with their moves at recitals, competitions and community events! 🎭✨

Ready to make memories, friends, and dance like nobody's watching? Come leap into the world of dance with the MainStreet Dance Company! 🎶🏆 Let's dance together and create moments that'll last a lifetime. Join us now! 💫🩰