👟 Dance FUNdations 🩰 - Grades 1+

The "Dance FUNdations" program for Grades 1 and up serves as a captivating part of your child's dance journey. Beginning with essential techniques and advancing to more sophisticated skills, this program ignites creativity, nurtures teamwork, and fuels confidence as they soar. Elevating the experience, this program seamlessly weaves in immersive growth mindset activities, sculpting resilience and character. The "Dance FUNdations" sets the stage, illuminating the way for students to embrace the 7 progressive levels of each dance style.

Your child's dance voyage begins here, select from a variety of dance styles and reach for the stars! 🌟🩰🚀

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What is included?

  • Choose from the following dance styles including: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Modern and Musical Theatre
  • Each class will consist of a warm up, stretches, skill building, and choreography
  • Dance training based on specialized dance curriculum with 7 progressive levels
  • On Stage performances - up to 3 times per year in December, May/June and August

Benefits of joining?

  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum
  • Progress Reports and Level Recognition
  • Growth Mindset and Character Development
  • Social Interaction and Team Work
  • Multiple Yearly Fun Filled Recitals and Events
  • Year Round Activity

And FUN! - dancing is fun and the Dance Stars dance curriculum puts the fun in every class.

Grades 1-3 FUNdations

Join the captivating dance program designed for students in grades 1-3. Our engaging curriculum introduces young dancers to your choice of ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics, hip hop, musical theatre, and modern dance, providing a well-rounded experience. As they progress through the first three levels, students will develop skills, gain confidence, and receive recognition through progress cards and completion certificates. Join us in nurturing your child's passion for dance and witnessing their star shine brighter with every graceful step!

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Grades 4-6 FUNdations

Further explore the magic of dance with a program tailored to students in grades 4-6, focusing on nurturing a growth mindset and character development. Our immersive curriculum cultivates resilience, determination and creativity, guiding students to overcome challenges and embrace new possibilities. As they advance through the program, they will refine their skills, enhance their confidence and earn recognition through progress markers and completion certificates. Join us in fostering your child's personal growth and watch as their inner star shines brighter with every step they take on this empowering path. 

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Grades 7-8 - FUNdations

As your child advances to grades 7-8 and beyond, our dedication to fostering a growth mindset and character development deepens, now with added leadership opportunities. Alongside building resilience and creativity, our curriculum empowers students to inspire their peers, embracing roles that showcase their leadership potential. As they progress, refining skills and gaining confidence, they earn recognition and evolve into confident, empathetic leaders. Join us in propelling your child's journey, and witness their inner brilliance illuminate both their path and the paths of others.🌟💃🕺

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What is Next?

After your child graduates from the 7 levels of the FUNdations program they can progress to the Leadership Program.  

Leadership Program

Step into the spotlight with our Grade 7-12  Leadership Program, the next thrilling phase of your dance journey. This empowers students to become creators and leaders within our vibrant dance community, refining skills while unlocking creative potential. This transformative experience hones artistic expression and leadership, ensuring your star shines not only as a dancer but also as a creator. Embrace this opportunity to shape your dance destiny and leave an indelible mark on the world of movement and artistry.

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