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What is Dance Safe?

Unfortunately Dance and Performing Arts is not yet a recognized National Sport Organization in Canada, nor is there a Dance and Performing Arts industry association in Ontario. Due to COVID-19 and the temporary closure of our businesses that has greatly affected our industry, it has been quite difficult for individual Dance Studio Owners to seek assistance from the Government as well as obtain information and guidance on how to safely re-open our businesses during phase 3. Because of this, several dance studio owners in Ontario have united together to form “Dance Safe Ontario”. 

Dance Safe Ontario represents a proposal that was sent to the Premier of Ontario, on May 28, 2020 (still pending Government Approval), with several signatures in agreeance from Dance Studio Owners all over Ontario. This proposal is in hopes of the Dance and Performing Arts Industry being recognized as well as explaining how our group has come together to adapt the Government of Ontario’s “Workplace Guidance for Business Owners” to the Dance and Performing Arts Industry, so that we can safely re-open our businesses (all dance studios following the same guidelines specified for our industry) in phase 3, while following the COVID-19 Protocols for our province and each of our municipalities.