Dance FUNdamentals - Grades 1 and up
Classes in: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre

What is included in the dance program?

  • In-studio classes with the option to join virtually
  • Dance training based on specialized dance curriculum with examination options
  • Styles offered include: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre

  • Focus on performances - December, May/June and August
  • Each class will consist of a warm up, stretches, skill building and choreography

Classes focus on skill building and choreography. Students will learn different choreographies as they delve into the wonderful world of dance. 

TEXT Twinkle MSD and MSD -2

What are the benefits of joining our IN-STUDIO dance program?

In Person Instruction - with small class sizes - 10-12 students maximum in a class

Physical Fitness - children need to have physical activity and what better way to do so then to DANCE

Creativity - dance curriculum teaches movement skills and encourages students to express themselves

Confidence - students build confidence in their movements and expressions

Multiple Performance Opportunities each year students will have the opportunity to perform in 3 shows at professional theatres

Year Round Activity - keeps your children active all year round and progressing with their skills

FUN! - dancing is fun and our dance performance program puts the fun in every class.

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Introductory dance program includes up to 3 classes over 1 week of for only $25.00.

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